C.M.P. srl Location (Martinsicuro, Teramo): construction and assembling of viaducts, laying and welding of antiresonant panels for the TAV Turin – Milan; assembling and welding of carpentries for the hangars in Malpensa (Milan); assembling and welding of carrying skeleton structures for viaducts (Florence).
FALCONE FALCONE srl Location (Cuneo): construction of the flying bridge for the Winter Olympics Games; laying and welding of metallic carpentries for the Chrysler dealer in Catania (Sicily); heavy carpentry with MIG welding for the Polytechnic Institute of Turin; construction and assembling of 5 river viaducts in Cuneo, precisely Agognetta, Brobbio, Pianfei, Colla, Beinette.
SIDER SIDER PIOMBINO SpA - heavy carpentry.
TICON TICON srl - assembling and MIG welding of heavy carpentry.
HOLLANDER HOLLANDER srl - construction of the central district heating.
NUOVO PIGNONE SpA - works welding electrode for the basic construction of special parts for oil and gas.
BUSI GROUP BUSI GROUP SpA - construction works at the fire area network in Bologna.
CEMI CEMI METALMECCANICA SRL - laying of pipes and TIG-Electrode and X-ray inspection at the refinery area API Falconara (AN). APIs for the refineries.
THYSSENKRUPP TYSSEN KRUPP - carpentry heavy half-ELECTRODE MIG welding with RX control in TERNI town.
NESSUN LOGO MINERVA SpA - Location (Spoleto) 3 years collaboration for the construction of chest and mechanical parts of trucks.
CIMOLAI CIMOLAI SpA - Location (Pordenone) viaduct in Avignon on the Durance river (France).
FRANCHI FRANCHI SpA - works for implementation and collaboration of several bridges and several viaducts.
TERMOMECCANICA TERMOMECCANICA SpA - completion of the works of incinerator in Castenaso area (BO).
NESSUN LOGO ROSSI COSTRUZIONI GENERALI srl - construction of reservoirs by means of welding electrode and basic control Rx ACEA on behalf of Pinerolo (TO).
NESSUN LOGO BALKEDUR ITALIANA - for the construction of the ENEL head office.
DRONERO DRONERO CARPENTERIE SRL - construction, assembly and MIG welding of structural steelwork.
F.LLI AGUZZI F.LLI AGUZZI srl -production and reparation of several pipe parts
having different diameters (2000, 2400, 3000) and the construction of special parts. Construction and assembling of poles for the carrying on of the MO.S.E. project (Venice) (acronym of Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico — in English, Experimental Electromechanical Module) - is a project intended to protect the city of Venice, Italy from floods. The project is an integrated defence system consisting of rows of mobile gates able to isolate the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea when the tide reaches above an established level (110 cm) and up to a maximum of 3 m. Together with other complementary measures such as coastal reinforcement, the raising of quaysides and paving and improvement of the lagoon environment, these barriers will protect the city of Venice from extreme events such as the floods and from morphological degradation;
PREVE COSTRUZIONI PREVE COSTRUZIONI SpA - carrying on of the water channel 8,00 km.
SLED SLED SpA - carrying on of the purification systems. The SLED joint-stock company set up in 1977 as the operating branch of two joint-stock companies, the Fondedile S.p.A. and the SOGENE S.p.A., in order to execute great environmental works (Special Plan PS3 Clean-up of the Gulf of Naples, Planning and Execution of the Purification Plants - Campania Region)

Vi informiamo, che sono alle nostre dipendenze figure altamente professionali quali:

I.W.I. Inspector Welding Specialist, qualificati attraverso enti autorevoli come I’INS(Istituto Nazionale della Saldatura).

IWS International Welding Specialist

ISP Inspector plurisettoriali “° livello

ISO 9001 2000 2 livello radiografico


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