The company S.M.I. srl was born on 8th January 2007 as a continuation of the firm TECNO2 by Antonio ESPOSITO present for 20 years in the field of the woodworking carpentry.

Construction and Assembling

Our company works in the branch of the construction and assembling of the heavy carpentry and industrial systems such as incinerators, refineries, aqueducts, gas pipeline and so on.

Works Carried Out

The several works carried on in these years have guaranteed a considerable development and improvement of the works carried out giving to the customers quality and accuracy.

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SMI News 2010

The S.M.I. General is pleased to announce the new site where you can see all activities, efforts and those undergoing opera.


Also you can visit the new gallery with photos of recent work done >>>


... the constant technological evolution and in the diversification of the materials lasting in the time.

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Cathodic Protection

The Cathodic Protection of Metals Srl is a company that works in the field of the electrical corrosions. The company realizes cathodic protection systems by using vertical ground electrodes through deep drilling.

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